Working with Liselle has been such a positive experience. I looked forward to our sessions and having that time just for me. It was an encouraging environment where I could examine my issues and get a different perspective and as a result, I’ve made small changes that have had a big impact on my health and well being.
Emma, Scotland
I can highly recommend Liselle’s sessions if you’re seeking guidance and clarity on your work life balance situation. Liselle is intuitive, kind and curious which helps create comfort and confidence for me as a client. Liselle shared lots of valuable tools and advice to help me rethink how I deal with balance, personal growth and self care. The sessions were personal, authentic and low key which suited my schedule and needs really well. I have got a better understanding of how different aspects in my life have an overall impact on my health. Liselle guided me in taking small steps to achieve change and shift my mindset towards the better. With Liselle the end goal didn’t feel so far away.
Lydia, Sweden
Liselle has helped me identify and verbalise what is important to me and to find ways to get there, giving me a kind push when needed. She has shared many good tips and tools and gotten me into meditation, which has been key to my progress in this period. Last but not least (actually most importantly), her genuine interest in my well-being and her warm approach has made me feel safe and trust her during the whole process. I can warmly recommend Liselle!
Lucy, Oslo